List of articles posted on this blog

  1. Latex equations using SymPy

    Easily create Latex equations using SymPy.

  2. Equinox and Epoch

    A short description of the difference between equinox and epoch.

  3. ref_index: refractive index of air, and wave length conversion

    Python module for calculating refractive index of air, and for converting wave length of light in vacuum to that in air, and vice-versa. Code repository is at

  4. Lineid_plot: automatic placement of labels in a plot

    A Python module, lineid_plot for automatic placement of labels in a plot, in such a way that the labels do not overlap each other.

  5. Julian dates for proleptic Gregorian and Julian calendars

    The Python module jdcal provides a few functions for calculating Julian dates for Gregorian and Julian calendar dates.

  6. Angles – angles and angular positions in Python

    A Python module, angles, that has classes and functions for representing and manipulating angles.

  7. Simple Statistics with Python

    Scipy, and Numpy, provide a host of functions for performing statistical calculations. This article will describe ways of performing a few simple statistical calculations, as an introduction to using Scipy.

  8. PyFITS: FITS files in Python – part 2

    Posted part 2 of article on PyFITS, python module for working with FITS, at


  9. PyFITS: FITS files in Python

    Posted article on PyFITS, python module for working with FITS, at


  10. Python for Astronomy

    A collection of python resources for astronomy: packages to install, links to resources for learning python and for using python in scientific data analysis.

  11. Skyctran – coordinate conversion using IRAF

    This article is a tutorial on using the IRAF skyctran task, for performing astronomical coordinate conversions.

  12. Astrometry in python with pyephem

    A short tutorial on PyEphem; a python package for performing astrometric calculations.

  13. Julian Date calculator

    A python module, with functions to calculate Julian Dates from calendar dates and vice-versa.

  14. AstroAsciiData – a python module for working with ascii data tables

    This article gives a brief description of the AstroAsciiData python module, which can be used to manipulate ascii (plain text) data tables with python.

  15. Simple formatted tables in python with Texttable

    A description of the Texttable python module for producing simple formatted tables in python.

  16. Documenting python code with reST, docutils, pygments, cog and paver

    This article describes a recipe for producing html documentation for python code in a single file using reST, docutils, cog and paver. reST is used to write the documentation in plain text, cog is used to run the code and insert the results into the documentation, pygments is used to provide syntax highlighting, docutils is used to produce the html and paver is used to automate the process.